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Leather Cleaning Conditioning Kit
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Leather Cleaning Conditioning Kit

Leather Care Kit from Ma-Fra will add new life into your car leather. Get the natural look and feel of fantastic leather with this ultimate leather care kit. Leather is absolutely amazing when it is professionally treated and properly cared. Cleaning and conditioning of leather is very important to keep it healthy forever. Treat your leather right with this amazing Kit Charme leather care kit.

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Most of the high-end cars turns up with elegant leather finish interiors which feels good and soft against the sitter skin. Leather is originally durable material but over a time period, it cracks, fade or tear wear. Therefore, it is important to use quality leather cleaning kit with feature of conditioning it. They help in restoring the original sheen of leather. One application of Charme, lasts for minimum six months or even longer. One application deeply penetrates in the pores of leather to add protection to new leather and also rejuvenate the older ones. Moisturize, soften and enhances flexibility leaving behind a fresh and new look leather car seat. 

This leather conditioner prolongs the expected life of all leather types. This product is safe to use as it is non-toxic, non-sticky, non-solvent, no odor and is silicone free. Proper application of this product delivers 100 percent satisfaction with its assured result. It lifts and suspends all sort of contaminants including dust, dirt, grimes and oil from the leather seat for thorough cleaning and perfect restoration.

Why buy Charme Leather Care Kit from Ma-Fra?

There exists endless reason to invest in getting this leather care kit but few of them are:

  • Enhance the life span of the leather seat:

Leather seats requires to be moisturized just like the way you care the skin. This conditioner restores the lost moisture of the seat and rejuvenates it. This leather cleaning product is highly effective in taking care of all the types of leather seat.

  • Perform more than any conventional cleaning:

Normal spills and liquid leaks results in noticeable debris and dirt. This leather cleaning kit is highly effective in removing off the hard-to-remove dirt and grimes from the surface. After application, the result is just like the new ones.

  • Makes leather seat liquid repellent:

Most of the leather care products possess a protective sealant which resists the moisture in humid or say wet condition. Professional application of leather cleaning and conditioning product can even protect the leather surface from the harmful impact of the UV rays.

  • Reduces the chance of discolouration:

Regular friction and the natural oil from the body can lead to layering of hard dirt and grimes to get easily trapped in the pores of the leather seats and making its appearance dull, dirty and aged. So the best way to keep the health of leather maintained, you can opt to apply the quality leather cleaning product on to the surface of the leather seats. Not just the application of the product keeps the leather seat clean but also keeps the fibre of the seat nourished and supple.

  • Natural look and feel restoration:

Extreme weather condition and regular traffic leads to damage the look and feel of the leather seats. They cause the leather broken, hard and blurred. A quality leather care kit helps in restoring the sheen of the leather seat and also leaves behind a fresh and clean interior with pleasant smell.

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