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Efficient car wash equipment ensuring sparkling clean vehicles.
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Our high quality products satisfy customers needs, serve their purpose & meet industry.

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Manmachine Works has been serving the industry for More than 35 years trust.

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Discover the range of car care products that are robust & highly innovative.

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Manmachine Works Is The Best Place For Your Car

Founded in 1987, we are spreading wings and expanding to every corner with different business segments under the brand tag of Manmachine Works, Exppress Car Wash, The Detailing Mafia, Manmachine Solutions, The Maids and Floor Care Co. Manmachine provides quality service solutions depending on 35 years of intense experience in the cleaning industry.

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We not only provide machines but complete training too along with constant support.
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Our machine economic value can only weigh through the success rate of the car washing centre.


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Manmachine Top Products

M1 is the new rollover designed by ISTOBAL. Simplicity, reliability and a competitive price are the highlights of this rollover which completes the line of rollovers offering solutions for all needs.

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Everything has a beginning and that is why with the new M’START we have decided to go back to first principles: simple design, ease of assembly and a sober image but with the appeal, durability .

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Rollover structure made of hot-dip galvanised steel with a minimum thickness of 50 micras.

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Car Wash Shampoo was developed for perfect external washing of the vehicle with a self-drying

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Mild, high concentration, low foam detergent, it cleans thoroughly all types of fabrics.

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Glass Cleaner is a balanced formulation of alcohols and vegetable based surfactants.

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Steamjet is the product of R&D designed for a premium and distinctive steam wash.

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Steam Poseidon embodies all the technology and development of steam machines.

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Experience the New Technology of STEAMJET! Completely Different & Innovative System.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with a single stage motor reaches upto 1400w of maximum power..

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Ideal for professional cleaning, with two double stage motors reaching upto 2600w of maximum power.

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Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner,Ideal for intensive and continuous uses. Equipped with a 3.0kw THREE-PHASE Turbine.

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Gladius is a series of high-quality semi-professional machines from Ma-Fra. Gladius R56 is a strong rotating polisher .

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Gladius is a series of high-quality semi-professional machines from Ma-Fra. Gladius R56 is a strong rotating polisher .

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The ZENTOOL Dual Action Polisher represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology.

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BC 780; a single phase high pressure car washers which can wash up to 10 cars/day.

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This power washer comes with an industrial 1450 RPM slow throttling motor.

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The HRC-pro has the flow rate of 12 1/min which means it saves a great amount of water.

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Design Consultancy

Car workshops and showrooms wash bay area needs scientific layout plan which is essential for efficient functioning and relaying of car wash services. Poor planning, shoddy arrangement and mismanagement is the primary cause for wastage of wash space, electricity and water resources. Manmachine addresses your workshop/showroom problems by first designing the washing bay area. Our in-house expert team of professionals plans the architecture of the bay area by understanding its capacity and processes..

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Our Car Care Products

Explore Our Vast Range Of Car Care Products


Car Wash Chemicals That Clean Your Car

When we talk about car wash chemicals what comes to your mind is that it’s a solution that helps in cleaning our vehicles. However, it’s more than that, as these chemicals either can help to clean your car surface or have the capability to ruin the paint. So while opting for vehicle wash chemicals certain factors are important to look in to get the desired result.

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Car Detailing Chemicals For The Superior Shine

Car detailing chemicals are a cause of perplexity for a car wash operator who is thinking about getting into the detailed industry for the first time, as well as many seasoned detailers. The majority of chemical businesses advertise magical formulas and make promises about their products that merely confuse people while generating a lot of profit for the provider.

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Car Care Accessories Of Your Vehicle

When it comes to taking care of your car, a comprehensive car care kit is a good purchase alternative to go with. These car care kits include specialty shampoo, microfiber cloth, wax, dashboard dresser, and tyre dresser. Getting these car care kits will allow you to keep your car in A-One condition from interior to exterior surface.

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Our Products Are OEM Approved

Our Machines are of European Quality & OEM approved and from the giant in the industry. Which has set new benchmarks of excellence in the cleaning industry. It's a full-fledged mechanized cleaning solution with a formula that no one can compete.

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