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Founded in 1987, we are spreading wings and expanding to every corner with different business segments under the brand tag of Manmachine Works, Exppress Car Wash, The Detailing Mafia, Manmachine Solutions, The Maids and Floor Care Co. Manmachine provides quality service solutions depending on 32 years of intense experience in the cleaning industry. Started as a contract cleaning company, Manmachine has come a long way and now evolved into a full-fledged mechanized cleaning solutions company with its fresh concept, global brands, and latest technology.

Is Your Car Wash Business Facing
    These Problems
  • Non-professionally designed bay wash area
  • Wastage of water, power and wash space
  • Unskilled labour
  • Lack of awareness on latest car wash technology and equipment
  • Wastage of time due to unsystematic wash process
  • Hoses/Accessories and other equipment lying on floors
  • Need to outsource washing
  • Regular customer complaints
  • Low CSI ratings
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Car Washer

Machine Company

Reputation of any car-cleaning business depends upon the efficiency of the personnel and the equipment’s. The Manmachine Works can improve the efficiency of your cleaning staff with its advance car washer systems. These devices use pressurized jets of water to make the cars spotless within minutes. The pressurized jets can loosen the grime/dirt particles from the cars within minutes without causing any damage to the surface. You can also clean the engine compartment using these pressurized jets, as the jets of water can easily remove the residue of grease. The Manmachine Group even has a structured program to train the car-cleaning personnel on how to efficiently handle the car washer machine.

Exclusive Features
Strong Body

Manmachine Works has two efficient car-washers using high-pressured jets of water. You can use these semi-automatic machines to clean either 20-25 cars or 35-40 cars per day. The HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO car washer cleaning machine uses 25-degree nozzle to create a larger fan of water. The jets of water put even pressure on the car’s surface and cause no damage. This 25-degree angle nozzle is also perfect for lifting of dirt and grime particles. The pressured jets of water are tough on the dirt; however, they are gentler on the surface.

Tough Hose

The 10-meter long hose-pipe attached to these washers also improves the efficiency of your cleaning personnel. They can clean different areas of the cars without moving this machine. This lightweight and flexible polyurethane hose develops no cracks under the extreme pressure of water-jets. You can use one hose to wash thousands of cars without fearing any damage.

Efficient Gun-System & Lance

Manmachine Works gives two different cleaning equipment with HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO washers. Your cleaning staff may use the gun-system to spray the lather of car-cleaning shampoo. They can use the device to spray anywhere on the car. They can use the lance to clean the lather and dirt particles using pressurized jets of water. They can even clean the cars’ roof using the 500-mm long lance. This car washer machine company also brings a specialized lance to clean under the chassis without lifting a car. These exclusive cleaning machines and accessories from the company bring profit to your business within a few days.