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Headlight Kit Professional

Crystal Clear Headlights in just few easy steps! REGÉNERA HEADLIGHT KIT restores worn, foggy headlights for improving illumination and visibility while driving. Crystal clear results with this amazing professional headlight restoration kit. This long-lasting chemical formula gives continued protection from UV rays and other external contaminants for years. Its hi-tech formula and easy application procedure remove oxidation from headlight lenses and protects them for years. This restoration Kit is a bunch of professional-quality products specifically designed for removing the yellowed haze and cloudy that builds up on vehicle headlight lenses. Kits uses a system of certain light abrasives to maintain cars looking amazing and saves money vs. replacing it to the expensive lenses. This easy-to-use kit gives clarity, durable and long-lasting protection in less time. Your vehicle’s headlight lenses are an engineered system and demands restoration for best performance.

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