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An extractor with double stage motor that’s ideal for applications such as cleaning of car interiors & upholstery. The model is designed with an innovative 20 ltrs. detergent tank to be assimilated to the trolley and completely residual liquids tank.

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The ESTRO-250 is an efficient extractor, made to clean efficiently and safely. The double-stage motor is ideal for cleaning cars and trucks, but it’s also great for using upholstery cleaners. This model comes with an innovative 20-litre detergent tank that is assimilated to the trolley itself, which has been modified in order to have greater efficiency.

Technical Features

Number Motors 2
Stage double
Volt (V) 220-240
Frequency 50/60
Cooling by pass
P max (kW) 2600
P (W) 2300
Waterlift (mm H2O) 2400
Air flow (m3/h) 430
LpA sonorus 3mt (dB(A)) 67
Total tank capacity (lt) 77
Capacity pump 0,8
Lift pump (bar) 2
Pump (W) 48
Detergent tank (lt) 20
Weight (kg) 25,5
Standard Accessories
Model Code
Flexible hose + hydrolitic tube mt 2,5 Ø40 ACTF038E
Complete armchair nozzle ACBL100PO/C
Sponge filter for liquids ACCA165A
Anti-foam device CGDA060


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