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An extractor with double stage motor that’s ideal for applications such a cleaning of car interiors & upholstery. The model is designed with an innovative 8 ltrs. detergent tank to be assimilated to the trolley and completely residual liquids tank.

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The Estro-125 is an innovative and efficient car extractor with a double-stage motor. It is ideal for cleaning the interior of cars. Its detergent tank is 8 liter in capacity, which means that it is absorbed into the trolley and completely able to benefit from all the advanced features offered by our extractors. The motor delivers powerful, continuous output which makes it ideal for applications such as cleaning car interiors and upholstery.

Technical Features

Number Motors 1
Stage double
Volt (V) 220-240
Frequency 50/60
Cooling by pass
P max (kW) 1400
P (W) 1200
Waterlift (mm H2O) 2400
Air flow (m3/h) 215
LpA sonorus 3mt (dB(A)) 60
Total tank capacity (lt) 37
Capacity pump 0,8
Lift pump (bar) 2
Pump (W) 48
Detergent tank (lt) 8
Weight (kg) 17,6
Standard Accessories
Model Code
Flexible hose + Hydrolitic tube mt 2,5 Ø40 ACTF038E
Complete armchair nozzle ACBL100PO/C
Sponge filter for liquids ACCA165A
Anti-Foam device CGDA060



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