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Deo Cube Perfume
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Deo Cube Perfume

We experience in car fragrance, the new and very elegant line DEO CUBE is born. A line of car perfumes to delight and satisfy the need to have a re?ned and perfumed environment in the car. The new line, in six sought after fragrances based on REAL PERFUME, to satisfy consumers more demanding. Ideal for cars, Deo Cube can be used for perfume even small rooms. Deo Cube is available in Strawberry fragrances (juicy wild strawberries), Vanilla (sweet and warm vanilla from Madagascar), Forest (sparkling and musky scent of undergrowth), Ocean (sweet and aquatic scent), Fruit Cocktail, (luscious tropical fruit cocktail), Green Apple (delicious perfume of freshly picked green apple).

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Amazing twisted aroma of Deo cubes will surely help you in soothing your mood and bring the instant burst of freshness inside the car. if you are crazy about the refreshing long drives or cool dates, surely these deo cubes are the perfect match for your mood. You will surely love the fragrance of this deo cubes; a range of luxury car perfume. The fragrance promises you to deliver a soothing and pleasurable feeling. No matter what type of road you are driving on, this deo cube will help you in enjoying a blissful interior atmosphere. Besides delivering you a fresh interior, this deo cube restores the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. It is sure that you will fall in love with this deo as its fragrance touches your soul and soothes your sense organ. The twist in the fragrance of this premium car perfume will revive the sense throughout your driving experience. No just fragrance, its durability is even more than other best car perfumes prevailing in car accessories market.

This new experience in luxury car fragrance, is manufactured for relaxation of senses.  A range of car perfumes for delighting and satisfying the requirement of having a delightful interior of car. The new range of perfume is crafted to satisfy the demand of customers. Ideal for cars and other vehicles, but this luxury car perfumes can be used for refreshing your small rooms, kitchen and washrooms. That’s why it considered as best car perfumes. Deo Cube is available in Strawberry fragrances, Vanilla, Forest, Ocean, Fruit Cocktail, and Green Apple.

Features of Deo Cubes:

  • Not just cover up but removes bad odour from car
  • Leaves behind refreshing smell.
  • Long lasting
  • Delivers consistent fragrance
  • Good for health


Here comes the latest stunningly styled Deo Cube from MA-FRA. A line of car perfume for delighting and meet the need to have a refined and perfumed environment in the car. The new line, apple scents to base of real scent, for demanding consumers. Ideal for the car, this Apple Deo Cube can also be used for fragrance of small environments.


From the MA-FRA car air-freshening experience, comes the brand new, ultra-elegant DEO CUBE line. A line of car perfumes to delight and fulfil the need for a refined and perfumed car ambient. The new fragrance is created to satisfy the most discerning customer. Ideal for the car, Ocean Deo Cube can also be used as an air-freshener for small rooms and spaces.


Introducing exotic vanilla, the new fragrance in the MA-FRA family of car fresheners. The long-lasting aroma of the perfume truly removes odours and leaves a refreshing environment inside your car. Enjoy your ride in soothing calmness of the vanilla perfume and make your every ride worth your time.

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