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CORRECTOR 2.0 is a micro-abrasive, silicone-free and anti-hologram polish which, thanks to its Diminutive Short Abrasive Technology (D.A.T. Short) formula, guarantees perfect abrasion and cleaning. The product thoroughly eliminates marks from sanding P2000 and scratches, without covering them, even on scratch-proof, transparent coatings and without leaving streaks. CORRÉCTOR can also be used in protective, transparent films, without piercing them, effectively eliminating marks developed over time. It is also ideal for re-painted cars or fresh paint. CORRÉCTOR achieves its maximum performance with medium-hard sponge pads (orange) and was also designed for use with random orbital sanders and microfiber pads.

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CORRECTOR 2.0, a silicone free, micro-abrasive car polish that guarantees perfect cleaning. Using corrector 2.0 as car paint care product is best or say ideal solution for removing off any harsh marks and scratches from the surface. It can be used transparent, protective films without piercing them which effectively eliminates marks.  Corrector 2.0 is an adaptable compound without fillers and silicones, water based that and thanks to the “Micro Abrasive Technology” formula, ensures an unequivocal cut and an astounding completion as of now in the cutting stage. It is perfect for use with orbital or turning. It is portrayed by outrageous comfort during all the preparing stages. The item is perfect both on delicate and hard surfaces. Most of the detailers consider it as best car scratch remover.

It delivers surprising cut when worked with wool pad or rotary press. It has been developed expressly for reducing and simplifying the cutting times while maintaining the exceptional result in saving operator’s time. This car care product deeply removes off all the sanding patches up to 1500 and scratches from the OEM, ceramic transparent and repainted surface. The residues are quite easy to remove off the residues. It can be confidently used on transparent films without causing any kind of damage to the film.  It is best product to eliminate the signs of aging from the vehicle surface.

How to use “CORRECTOR 2.0?”

  • Distribute small amount of best car scratch remover at a time on to the pad.
  • When used with rotary, it works initially at the speed of 600-900 rpm which slowly goes up to 1500-1800 rpm. While you are at finishing stage, you can slop up the speed to 600-900 rpm.

When used with rotorbital, evenly spread the car care product at speeds of 1-2 over a segment area of 40*40 cm. further increase the speed till there is exhaustion of polish.

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