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Nutrient cream for cracked and edged leather Product with high nourishing power, suitable for restoring tone and shine to leather.

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This leather cleaner for car is a protective cream which takes care of the car leather parts. Charme nutrient with high nourishing power is best suited for restoring the shine and tone of leather. Charme car leather polish is used mainly for decontamination followed by polishing the leather surface. with ease, it is very effective in wiping off the dirt, dust, scratches and spills from the surface. Not just protection, but also forms a protective layer which helps in preventing leather ageing. The treatment ought to be done all the more every now and again and all the more strongly for convertibles throughout the late spring a very long time to give increasingly compelling security against the unsafe UVA beams. It is an enemy of maturing saturating milk that contains normally determined hydrating components, vital to keeping up the regular harmony of leather seats and pieces of clothing. It's incredibly easy to use, as its high grouping of hydrating and molding specialists help the leather to hold its gleam.

Features of Charme Nutrient:

Few of the known and quite noticeable features of this car leather polish are:

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced protection against UV rays
  • Helps in eliminating dust, dirt and body oils.
  • Highly resistant to dirt and dust.
  • Clean and Dress the Interior
  • Odour Neutralizers
  • Prevent Dust Build-up

Why Charme Nutrient?

Charme nutrient; Leather cleaner provides the car with the amazing back to factory shine appearance without investing lots of effort and time. The car interior is the section of vehicle that experiences the most contaminations due to frequent traffic making it difficult to clean and maintain. This leather cleaner brings ease in car’s interior cleaning. Contact with UV rays leads to draining of shine and also speeds up the aging process. Charme car leather polish makes detailing interior fast and furious providing you enough time to enjoy ride. It is considered as most preferred car interior care product in detailing market. It is well suited for sensitive areas and all colours. Incredibly easy to utilize, its high centralization of hydrating and moulding operators help the cowhide to hold its shine and flexibility and oppose splitting and maturing.

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