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Anti-ageing moisturizing product, it contains natural emulsifier which are indispensable for preserving the natural balance of leather.

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This car leather wax is an anti-ageing moisturising milk which constitute hydrating elements which is naturally derived for maintaining the original equilibrium of vehicle’s leather seats. It is the most essential part of car interior cleaning kit. This car leather wax is extremely ease to use along with its high concentration of conditioning and hydrating agents that help leather seats to retain the gloss, flexibility and elasticity. Usage of this car upholstery cleaner resist cracking and surely ageing. Proper usage of product for 3 to 4 times around a year keeps the leather healthy. Keep in mind that the treatment needs to be carried out frequently when you have convertible vehicles especially in summer season so as to deliver more protection mainly against UV rays.

Features of Charme HYDRATING:

  • Ultimate car interior cleaning product formulated for cleaning, hydrating and conditioning vehicle’s seat in easy way.
  • Restores natural shine and luster of leather segments of car.
  • Mainly formulated car leather wax to block harmful UV rays and strictly protect discolouration, fading or cracking of leather seats.
  • Charme body makes it quite easy to use. Simply you need to spray and wipe it off.


Grimes, dusts, dirt, body sweat and other contaminants gets trapped in crevices of leather seat. Cleaning that segment surely demands labour intensive measures. In few cases they demand finesse, surely, it’s not possible every time. Using a proper car interior cleaning process will help you in keeping interiors clean but it won’t maintain hygiene.  Using right car leather wax created mainly for leather parts, restoration and maintenance of leather becomes easy without investing enough of efforts. Car leather wax helps in restoring the new life to all leather surfaces.

Try our professional car interior cleaning products including car leather wax to add life to your vehicle ins and out.

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