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Carlux a mixture of quick, easy to use super-polishing waxes. Used by dealers due to its ease of use. Creates a silk effect and a long-lasing deposit-proof barrier. Does not contain abrasives. Suitable for all colours and types of paint, including latest generation paints. Does not smear even on dark cars.

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Carlux: Shine You Cannot Resist

Waxing a car mainly involves professional application of thin car wax coating over factory paint using quality car wax polisher. Further it is left for sometimes to harden and further it is buffed off using a car polishing machine or by just a normal towel. Car wax is invisible with naked eyes but catering endless benefits for the car paint.

It is very easy to notice why detailing professionals uses Carlux over any other car wax brand. Carlux, is a car polishing wax with advanced formulation which allows it t deliver maximum protection while providing depth of paint colour, durability and also delivering reflective finish to the surface. Carlux provides any car segment the showroom finish that was on first day. Carlux is the perfect match for your car wax demand for your car care needs.

Using Carlux; car polishing wax is the fastest way to restore the lost shine of the painted surface and reveal the true paint colour. It delivers shiny and smooth appearance to all external metallic segment of car.

Features of Carlux:

  • Easy to use
  • Super shinning result
  • Forms silky effect on surface
  • Creates long-lasting barrier against external contaminants.
  • Doesn’t constitute any sort of abrasives.
  • Ideal for all colour and segment of cars.
  • Doesn’t smear on dark cars.

Why Carlux Car Wax?

Carlux is a trust product for car waxing and there is a strong reason behind.

  • Strong Protection Against Sunrays: Carlux acts as sunscreen for car. The thin layer of wax protection creates a strong barrier keeping sun rays from harming it. By proper maintenance of a wax coating will protect your car paint from fading, oxidation and discolouring that are actually most common side of sun damage.
  • Delivers Ultimate Glossy Finish: A Carlux professionally applied using car polishing machine gives finish and reflection just like mirror.
  • Avoids Water Beading: Smooth layer of carlux doesn’t allow any water droplet stay on vehicle surface leading to water beadinbg. So the car metal surface remains safe from corrosion or oxidation.
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