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Brush Wash Shampoo

Neutral shampoo intended for automatic cleaning by automatic wash tunnels. The proportion of surfactants give it foaming capacity and as this dissolves, it eliminates all types of greasy stains and stubborn dirt deposited on vehicles. It is free from solvents or alkalis, which means it can be applied in concntrated form to any type of surface which can be washed: plastic, paint, glass, chrome, aluminium, etc. It dries quickly and thus prevents water spots and calcium rings from forming. Protects the vehicle body and brings out the shine. Keeps the brushes clean and flexible, thus increasing their efficiency and durability.

More Information
Product Specifications
Physical Appearance Liquid
Colour Pink
Specific Weight 0,99 - 1,01
pH (100 %) 8,5 - 9,5

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