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Zentool Dual Action Polisher

The ZENTOOL Dual Action Polisher represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology. With an orbit (throw) of 21mm, the dual action polisher has evolved to become a leader in efficient cutting power while still maintaining the safe operation expected from a DA polisher. Compared to rotary polisher this machine achieves a far superior finish with no holograms. Rotary polisher can cut easily but leaves too many paint defects. Painters use compounds containing fillers to mask these defects. The ZENTOOL is powered by a 900W motor (Rupees is 500W), and even with the massive 21mm orbit still operates smoother than traditional dual action polishers. The backing plate features ventilated cooling channels to help reduce heat transfer. Due to the large orbit diameter, buffing pad weight plays a major role in maintaining a smooth operating machine. Ideal pad weight for the ZENTOOL is up to 27g. ZENTOOL is priced lower than even Rupes polisher and comes with free 5" and 6" backing plates and a 1 year warranty.

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  • Flex XC3401VRG - 8mm orbit but uses forced rotation to achieve higher cut. Users consider this machine to have slightly more vibration than Rupes and Zentool

  • Rupes LHR21E - 21mm orbit. Uses longer orbit to achieve higher cut. Only 500w motor and can sometimes bog down easily due to the orbit diameter & no extra backing plate is given with the machine.

  • Zentool ZEN-21E - 21mm orbit. Uses longer orbit to achieve higher cut. Has a 900w motor to reduce bog down issues & Extra 5 “inches backing plate is given Free with the machine to cover tight areas.