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Susette - 180/13 High Pressure Washer

Susette - 180/13 High Pressure Washer

ACDS (Advanced Control with Delayed Stop Mechanism), Automatic shutdown if idle for more than 20 mins with micro leakage control.
  • Warning LED ' machine ready' and ‘malfunctioning'.
  • Hour counting device with service alert warning LED (after 400/800 informs the customer that is time)
  • Control of lime scale prevention system adjustable from 35 to 270 mm/h.
  • Motor /pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system.
  • Triplex plunger RK pump with 3 ceramic pistons, brass pump head with 1450 rpm
  • motor for high efficiency & low maintenance from Annovi Reverberi.
  • Pressure regulation from lance with detergent injection system.
  • On board 3 litre detergent tank and built in water tank with floating valve.
  • Water filter accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine.
  • Diesel filter with fuel stop system for easy devices.
  • Pre ventilated boiler with over 89% efficiency.
  • Motor and engine thermal protection.


Model Susette 180/13
Max. Pressure [bar] 30-180
Max. Flow rate [lt/h] 400-780
Pump   AR-RK
Stop System   ACDS
Pump Speed [rpm] 1,450
Max. absorbed Power [kw] 4.7 kw
Supply Voltage [V-ph-Hz] 420-3-50
Max. Temperature [°C] 140
Fuel Tank [it] 35
Cleaning agent Tank [it] 3
Weight   123 kg
Packaging Dimension   1015x660x110


The high pressure washer have proved to stand tall in the market, despite the competition. This machine is equipped to handle the highest pressure and not heat-up. The wiring and motor of this machine is designed to run for hours and not wear out. The main feature of this magnificent machinery is that it can be dragged from one place to another with its easy-wheels. This makes it easy to clean as well. Even if the machine is used vigorously, the gap between the machine and the ground lets it cool down, momentously. The standard attachments of this machine make it a favourite fit for any workshops or car cleaning units. This machine is a must-buy for any new or old car washing services. Without this machine, many jobs may seem impossible.

As we already know that this machine has ACDS (Advanced Control with Delayed Stop Mechanism); which makes it Time-saving and an Efficient Machine.

  • 4-in-1: This machine has a unique Quadruple feature: Hot Water Wash, Cold Water Wash, Steam Wash and Foam Wash. All of these amazing features are clubbed into a Compact design.
  • The Hot water comes at 30-80° while the Steam is generated at 80-140°. This feature makes the machine an easily trustworthy one. With such adequacy, accidents related to hot water or steam leaking can be avoided.
  • One exceptional feature of this machine is that it has an accessory called the Twin Foam Lance. There is no need to change or remove it and by just rotating it Clock-wise and Anti-clock-wise, one can choose between Foam and Steam options. This saves a good amount of time.
  • This machine shuts down after the 20-minute mark when ideally sitting.
  • One positive feature this amazing piece of machinery holds, that it has a Greenlight on Top. If the light is switched on then the machine is working fine. If the light starts to blink, then there may be a problem. At which point, the machine needs to be Shut-down immediately.

The hot and cold pressure washer machine is an idyllic one for the above reasons. But one of the major reasons for its success is its compact size and as it has easy wheels at the bottom; it can be moved around with much ease. This makes the machine more attractive and user-friendly.

This Sophisticated Machine has 4 features in 1 and can be used either ways. This machine is idyllic for small car wash outlets, mobile car wash setups, single car washing setup or even service stations. As this machine doesn’t occupy much space and can be used for more than just one job, the Hot and Cold-Water High-Pressure Washer can be used without a single doubt.

 How to Use the Hot and Cold Water High Washer Machine:

  • Read the Manual or get a basic understanding of the machine prior to operating it.
  • This machine has a 35 litre Diesel Tank and a 3-litre foam storage tank/ shampoo.
  • The 1st knob from the left will switch on the machine.
  • The 2nd knob can be turned on for Hot Water or Steam. 60-90° for Hot and 140° for Steam,
  • The 3rd knob can be turned on for Foam Wash.
  • To Pressure spray the Hot or Cold Water, use the Twin Lance.
  • The pressure can be adjusted from the Twin lance as well, it has an easy to rotate knob.
  • If one wishes to use a Foam Bottle Attachment, then remove the Twin Lance and attach the Foam Bottle.
  • Foam can directly be sprayed from the machine as well, for that the Multipurpose Lance should be used.
  • The Multipurpose Lance can be adjusted for High Pressure, Steam and Foam Wash.
  • Rotate the 3rd Knob for Foam wash, directly from the Machine.


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