Steam Poseidon


STEAM POSEIDON embodies all the technology and development of ELSEA steam machines. Designed to obtain a steam supply in continuous use with maximum working pressure up to 9 bar, its working efficiency is guaranteed by a powerful suction unit with two two-stage motors. Ideal in the automotive sector, it is also very well used in the cleaning and food sectors, complying with HACCP self-control regulations. In addition to the steam function and the suction steam function, STEAM POSEIDON is equipped with the "detergent dispensing with separate compartment" function.

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Advantages of Steamjet Carwash

  • Saves water resources
  • Generates high-pressure steam using only 400cc (130z) water per minute, generating No wastewater, NO sewage.
  • System consumes less than 200-Watt power and minimum fuel.
  • Just the adequate amount of pressure and moisture.
  • STEAMJET is commercial grade equipment that can run all day non-stop.
  • All stainless steel and rust proof structure.
  • Fully CPU controlled with 8 different phases of Automatic safety features.
  • 28 levels of steam moisture control depending on dirt level.
  • Well- modulated system can diagnose and troubleshoot over the phone.
SWI140 SW1220
Power   230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz
Boiler capacity   2,2 lt 2,2 lt
Boiler power   2000 W 2000 W
Working pressure   9 BAR 9 BAR
Steam temperature in the boiler   165° 165°
Pmax vacuum   1400 W 2050 W
Stainless tank capacity   60 lt 60 lt
Water tank capacity   5,0 lt 5,0 lt
Weight (kg)   34 kg 36 kg