Steam jet Electric Machine


Experience the New Technology of STEAMJET! Completely Different & Innovative System

More Information

Specification of FX1-E (electric mode)

Dimension   695x550x600mm (H*W*L)
Net Weight   36kg
Boiler power   23 Liters (Direct water connection possible)
Hose length   10 meters
Power consumption For 380V model   10kw per hour (when start up) (under 8Kw on operating)
Electric power   380V 3 phase or 220V 3 phase
preheating time   30~40 seconds
Steam pressure   Average 9 Bar : using wet steam 6~7 bar : using dry steam
Steam temperature   85~95`C (when it sprayed in air)
Water consumption   400~900cc/min (Adjustable for dry and wet)

Feature of FX1-E

It is the safest and most economical steam machine in the world.

FX1-E is very safety system because it is instant heating system (Non boiler type), and FX1-E doesn't have a steam storage (steam tank). (It is totally different system with normal boiler type machine). (Boiler type machine has a steam storage. the steam storage has huge risks of being explosion if not cared properly.)

FX1-E system enable to get ready in less than 30~40 seconds. (On the contrary, the boiler systems needs minimum 10 minutes for preheating time.)

FX1-E can save 5 times of the electric power more than other boiler type machine. (Another normal boiler system has to keep boiling water to generate steam even when it does not using the machine).

Let select FX1-E, it can save your lots of money for operation expenses.