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Maxshine Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder
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Maxshine Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder

Maxshine Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder is the perfect complimenting organizational tool to our Polisher Holders and Bottle Holders. Hang Trigger Top Bottles from the sturdy Iron constructed ledge, as well as store Detailing Brushes in the 10 holes provided at the top of the Holder. 1PCS Brush and Trigger bottle holder(NOT INCLUDING THE BRUSH AND BOTTLE)

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  1. Spaces for Trigger Top Bottles and Detailing Brushes

  2. Durable Iron Construction

  3. High Corrosion Resistance

  4. Corresponding Screws Included

  5. No Assembly Required on Holder, Simply Mount to Wall

     Slot size?φ2.5cm
     Material: Iron
    Color: Black/Grey
     Weight: 1.79kg

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