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ILLUMINA 2.0 is the last step for finishing the polishing process, giving the surface gloss and sparkle. It is a silicone-free water-based product which, thanks to its anti-hologram formula, provides an excellent finish and a deep shine through its excellent capability of removing holograms and collateral damage generated during cutting. It can be used on protective films to eliminate signs of aging without damaging them. It is ideal for use with both orbital and rotary polishers. It can be used with extreme comfort without creating much dust. The product is ideal both on hard and soft surfaces. The product has a deep action in eliminating marks of P2500 sanding without covering them, even on clear scratchproof paint, OEM and repainted surfaces.

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A clean and scratch-free car is surely alluring or say eye-catching that not just reflects your personality but even gives you never ending pleasure. When it comes to caring the car and protecting it from all sorts of scratches and swirl marks, Illumina is one of the most demanded brands with high trust rate in the car care market. Before you apply the best car scratch removers, you must know that it easily rubs down the vehicle’s clear coat so you need to consider the process of buffing when finished with the scratch remover application.

Illumina can be confidently used on all vehicle’s finish and it’s quite capable of restoring factory paint shine and removing off the scratches from the surface. Just application of this product won’t do enough work for you, so you need to go for waxing process. When used thoroughly, Illumina delivers long lasting benefits and surely it is best used on keyholes, hood latch, trunk lid and door handles. It delivers most dependable quick fix solutions for car scratch removal.

Why to Use Illumina:

Despite of all sort of precautionary measures, scratches over the car are taken to be inevitable and demands enough of efforts and money. At this point of time quality scratch remover spray is an ideal choice for all sorts of swirls and scratches. The company brings Illumina for an immediate, hassle-free and low-cost solution to your car care problem.

ILLÚMINA 2.0, using this product is concluding step for polishing process. This step generally leaves behind sparkle and glossy layer onto the surface of vehicle. This detailing product is silicone-free and water-based product with anti-hologram formula which delivers deep shine and excellent finish. It possesses excellent capabilities of wiping off collateral and hologram damage generated while cutting. It can be properly used with much comfort without forming enough dust. The scratch remover is ideal over both surfaces that is soft and hard. This product has a deep action in removing

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