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It is a super-hydrophobic fabric spray formulated to protect the valuables from any sort of damage caused due to uncertain spillage and stains. Our Nanotechnology-enabled fabric spray protects multiple products of car including mats, seats and other upholstery. One coating of this waterproof spray would make the fabric hydrophobic and prevent unwanted stains and dirt to settle. To apply- Ensure the surface is completely clean and further dried where it is to be applied. Spray the product from a distance of 8-10cms. Ensure the solution cover up the complete surface evenly and moistening the entire surface. Allow the fabric surface to absorb the complete solution.

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If you are really tired of worrying about how every minor spill is going to directly or indirectly affect the value of car, you can surely find an easy escape. Use fabric protectant for keeping the upholstery of vehicle healthy. Using appropriate solution like Idrostop for taking care of car’s interiors.

Keep the car’s interior looking new, fresh and hygienic using Idrostop- waterproofing spray. Whether you require to protect the spills of kids or pet furs hampering the look and feel of seat or add an add-on layer of protection to add life to the seat. Fabric protectors helps to keep sticky contaminants away with its superior and durable resistance to oil, stains and water. It doesn’t affect the appearance of upholstery so the upholstery remains healthy and true for ever. Ours cars are considered as the extensions of our home, so keep them healthy, clean and hygienic with proper nurture of Idrostop.

Proper usage of Idrostop directly plays an important role in protecting the interiors of your vehicle where you sit and enjoy the ride. Protecting interior might not be obvious but professional usage of car seat protector for warding off spills and other hard-to-remove off can turn out to be a wise decision and investment. Its usage can help you to easily handle unnecessary stress of cleaning dropped chocolate or coffee. 

Idrostop adds an extra protective layer to car seats. In fact it is the best way to add protection to your car and avoid any sort of tear and wear.

Features of Idrostop:

  • Repels any sort of liquid and blocks stains.
  • Ultimate protection pushes off the spills away
  • Pushes off stains and spills away
  • Won’t affect the breathability and appearance of fabrics.
  • Helps to keep interior clean and hygienic
  • Highly durable and easy to use
  • Powerful barrier
  • Safe for hands and skin
  • Pleasant odor
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