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Hippy Perfume

HIPPY: is the new car freshener by MA-FRA that makes you smile every time you enter your car. Hippy is the Daisy air freshener by MA-FRA, safe and guaranteed, made with the latest materials and designed to be easily inserted into the ventilation openings. The name Hippy embraces the values of a generation that changed the world, that still lives in the echo of passionate atmospheres. MA-FRA remembers these values applying them to the new reality, in a breath that will revive the Hippy period with its new car freshener: Flower Power, Imagine Peace, Love Freedom, Nature Trip, Heaven’s Door and Summer Of Love may still change the World! Hippy is not the usual perfume, but something totally different: a stimulus to recall our dreams, a small object destined to become a collectors’ icon of glamor

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