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Heavywash Progress- Bus Wash
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Heavywash Progress- Bus Wash

PROGRESS is available in 4 different heights, 2 widths and flexible bay length, to adapt to the specific needs of your fleet: vans, trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and special vehicles such as tankers or public services. With a hot-dip galvanised structure, PROGRESS and its vertical brushes apply an overlapping front and rear scrub; it also offers great program flexibilit. It includes several wash programs specifically designed for vehicles with panoramic mirrors.

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The HEAVYWASH line has been designed with the latest washing and communication technologies always taking into account the particular demands of the commercial sector: compact cleaning equipment with a robust design and reliable mechanics to guarantee an efficient wash of your fleet of commercial vehicles.

The Heavywash Progress has been crafted with amazing washing and advanced communication technologies. This commercial wash machine was designed taking into the consideration always of all the commercial sector.

Standard Features of HW-Progress:

  • The strong cube shaped frames which is made of burning hot galvanized steel- powder coating present in different colours.
  • Electronically driven amperage sensing brushes and controlled and can form can criss in middle for eliminating skunk tail striping.
  • The rear and front brushes overlaps can be easily activated and deactivated on every wash program
  • Optional vertical brush front tilting.
  • Flexible functions and programs configuration selecting by customer.
  • Control box of operator features the touch screen which allows operators for selecting and easily configuring wash programs, reviewing operational information, monitor wash functions and clearly history.
  • Adjustable variable speed frequency converter controls travel speed.
  • Special washing function is available for effectively and safely washing vehicles using panoramic wide mirrors.
  • Horizontal brush is the option for both progress and Kube providing cleaning for rear and front vehicles.

High Pressure Side:

  • Oscillating and adjusting power nozzles are strictly motor driven.
  • 40 power nozzles are segregated in 10 groups for focused intense cleaning.
  • 16 nozzles are tight packed for intense cleaning targeted along rocker panels and rails.
  • 24 fan jet nozzles are mainly used for evenly cleaning the upper sections of sides- piston pump creates high pressures up to 70 bars/1050 PSI.


  • Touch screen
  • Switches for brush operation
  • Buttons for manual movements
  • Buttons for 8 program selection
  • Protector for stainless steel screen.

Horizontal Brush:

  • For slack belts, it is provided with built in dual safety system.
  • Frequency converter for speed controlling.
  • Program selection for length of travel variable.
  • Flat belts for direct drive.
  • Special wash functions for the panoramic mirrors.

Top of High Pressure:

  • VFD for angle controlling. Easily adjusts to 5 variable angles.
  • 16 nozzles are put together in slot of 4 for easy and precise cleaning.
  • Pressure up to 70 bars /1050 PSI using piston pump.
  • Frequency converter for maintaining speed variable.
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