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ISTOBAL introduces KUBE, the first model of the new series of cleaning equipment for commercial vehicles HEAVYWASH. The KUBE model offers maximum versatility with 4 different heights to adapt to the specific needs of the retail location or private fleet: vans, trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and special vehicles such as tankers or public services vehicles.

KUBE can also be fitted with all the brush materials of our link-it® system: link-feel, link-foam and link-tex. It is possible to choose between different options which have been developed to improve the wash result: lateral and top high pressure, chemical pre-wash, different types of waxes, foams and underchassis.

More Information

Commercial vehicle washing system

Manmachine introduces you Heavy Kube, a commercial vehicle washing machine. It is the advanced line of automatic heavy vehicle washing equipment. It is basically designed with latest washing technology and communication advancements. It had always taken into account the specific demands of any vehicle care and commercial sector with its robust design and compact cleaning equipment. The reliable mechanics of this commercial vehicle washing machine guarantees amazing and efficient wash of the huge fleet of heavy vehicles.

This model of commercial vehicle washing machine is available in mainly four different heights for meeting the demands and needs for washing buses, vans, tractor, specialty vehicles, coaches and trailers. The wash of Heavy Kube is same just as the capabilities of high pressure washer. The latest and versatile use of latest technology allows the machine operator to buy a machine that will manage to wash the pickup trucks, tractor trailers, utility trucks and even the tankers efficiently. In short, Heavywash Kube is highly productive, reliable and flexible in usage.

This commercial vehicle washing machine has the robust cubic structure properly manufactured of hot-dip galvanised steel. The side columns have mainly the embedded shampoo dosing system and the frequency converters for the speed control and roller travel. Double bearing assembly, pneumatically controlled, the vertical brushes are present in high density polyethylene for ensuring an effective wash. Service lines to rollovers, it can be run on the energy chain, static or swinging post, loop connection and obviously the machine which includes up to two variable water types. 

Features of Heavywash Kube:

  • Lower side high pressure
  • External command post
  • Horizontal brush
  • Drive-through under chassis wash
  • Manual high pressure
  • Foamy chemical spray
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel forming cube shaped structure.
  • Frequency converter for controlling drive.
  • Reliable brushes (vertical) with double shock absorption and pneumatic control.
  • Command post along with backlit screen and certain buttons for configuring the programs.
  • Configurations for program selection.

Special function with panoramic mirrors for ultimate washing vehicles.