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Heavy Duty Microfiber
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Heavy Duty Microfiber

High-performance microfiber cloths (pack of 6) is ideal for all kind of surfaces. It is highly absorbing and resistant to high wear resistance without strains.

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Microfiber Cloth: Trusted Product for Car Care

Heavy duty microfiber cloth is unique, lint free and super soft which won’t scratch the surface of vehicle. It helps in keeping your car streak-free. It is best suited for painted surface, chrome, glass, dashboard and other or in simple language safe for all parts of car. it is most demanded microfiber cleaning cloth for removing contaminants and residues of waxes, glazes, polishes and fingerprints. This car cleaning cloth is ideal for your car care needs as it instantly entraps dirt, grimes and dust from all the surfaces either it be external surface or internal. After the usage of this microfiber cloth, you can notice the result. The surface gets perfectly clean.

The microfiber cloth from Manmachine Works turns up with features. It strongly serves the car cleaning purpose and make it completely contaminant-free. The car cleaning cloth ensures dirt gets lifted up and the paintwork doesn’t get scratched leaving behind an unbeatable shine and cleanliness.

  • Material of Microfiber Cloth: The Manmachine Works microfiber cloth is specifically designed for everyday car cleaning. it is designed in a way that it removes all sort of dirt and dust without affecting the factory paint.
  • Soaks Water: The microfiber cloth holds sufficient amount of water. This cover up larger areas in just one wipe without soaking it up repeatedly.
  • Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth: Due to its soft, non-scratching material, the microfiber cloth is soft and doesn’t harm the factory paint and the surface of the vehicle.
  • Design: Highly compact with light weight. Both the features make it easy to use.
  • Drying Time: Microfiber towel has quick drying feature. So, it allows you to use and re-use.

Microfiber Cloth Washing Instruction:

  • Properly wash it before the use. This is recommended for avoiding fluffing.
  • Avoid using fabric softener while washing.
  • Both types of wash is preferable (machine wash and hand wash)
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