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Gun For Lubrigraph

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Lubrigraph is a protective liquid mainly useful for treating the underbodies of vehicles properly spreaded across using a lubrigraph gun. A vehicle’s underbody is highly exposed to maximum wear and tear caused by road mud, stone chips, dirty water and another obstacle present on road. Because it is not noticed every now and then, often the damages are ignored. It strictly eliminates the suspension springs squeaking and preventing the adverse effect that leads to damage of rust and salt. Lubrigraph doesn’t drip and also it is not affected by water. The amazing features like holding power and strong hydrophobicity makes it most demanded product for caring underbody of vehicles. The special lubrigraph solution is completely free from bitumen substance and strongly remains stable regardless of temperature at the time of application. Lubrigraph gun is the best source to apply this liquid.

Lubrigraph is applied properly on to the underbody surface using lubrigraph gun. This product is manufactured under brand tag of Ma-Fra for delivering ultimate protection of underbody segment of cars and heavy load vehicles. Thanks to the composition, this car wash chemical along with gun that is essential accessory of car wash equipment has triple the yield as compared to the traditional form of car care mainly black graphite. It remains in oil form over the time and doesn’t harden adding long term protection. It has proper lubricating power just like those of grease prevailing in car care market. Due to absence of bituminous substance, it is ease to apply and also doesn’t dirty the work environment and place.

Features of Lubrigraph:

  • An innovative formula
  • Doesn’t contain bituminous substance.
  • Doesn’t drip
    easy to use using lubrigraph gun.
  • Long term effect
  • Doesn’t harden over time period.

Available in 600ml format.

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