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Gladius R56 Rotary Polishing Machine
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Gladius R56 Rotary Polishing Machine

Gladius is a series of high-quality semi-professional machines from Ma-Fra. Gladius R56 is a strong rotating polisher with 150mm large mounting plate. This is a machine that should be used when it comes to proper rough polishing on scratched cars. Rotating is difficult when it comes to worn lacquers that require proper handling. It creates more heat and more friction than an oscillating machine and thus can pull rougher scratches in the paint. Another advantage of rotating is that they are completely vibration free. However, this machine requires a little more from its users than an oscillating machine does and preferably one should drive at least one step behind with the oscillating machine to avoid holograms.

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  • Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue in long operations.
  • Light, only 2.2kg.
  • It is equipped with a 5”- 6” soft-edged pads.
  • Voltage Frequency: 220-240V 50/60Hz (CE/CN version), 100-127V- 50/60Hz (UL/JP version).
  • Power Consumption: Rated 800w, (Maximum 1200w).
  • Free Speed: 700-2500/min.
  • Weight: 4-7/81lbs (2.2kg).
  • Gear system: Two deduction levels.
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