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Drive Through - Bus Wash

4HWD300 is the compact model of the new wash series for bus fleets, HEAVYWASH DRIVE THROUGH, by ISTOBAL. This model has been designed taking into account the individual needs of transport companies: compact wash units with a strong design and reliable mechanics to guarantee an efficient wash. The structure of the machine is made of a hot-dip galvanised steel. 4HWD300 comes standard with 4 vertical brusheswashing asymmetrically and 1 horizontal brush. In this design, the front and rear vehicle areas are washed by the overlapping of the vertical brushes, the sides are cleaned with an overlapping brush wash, and the roof wash adapts to different heights thanks to the lifting system of the horizontal brush. The control panel and the chemical product metering system are built-in on the structure, which makes the equipment both autonomous and compact. The unit provides wash configuration versatility, gentle and precise brush movements for a good finish, a front mirror protection program, a single or continuous cycle operation and underchassis wash integrated in the unit as an optional.

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