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Double Bucket System
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Double Bucket System

The Grit Guard 5 Gallon Washing System is a superb cleaning kit that includes a heavy-duty 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket with a matching leak-proof Gamma Seal Lid and Grit Guard Insert. This convenient system is ideal for most any car, truck, trailer or boat. The Grit Guard Washing System is designed to prevent swirl marks and scratches while washing your vehicle.

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Manmachine Works brings you a range of swirl preventing double bucket system for car wash under brand tag of Grit Guard. This dual bucket technology offers solutions for problems related to traditional car wash method. This complete car wash system helps in keeping washing mitts and tools cleans by trapping down dirt at the bottom of bucket, completely away from mitts. Clean mitt reduces the swirl marks and scratches risk on to the surface of car.

If you need to take your car wash to another level, always choose to use double bucket system. This involves usage of two car wash bucket each holding grit guards. The first bucket is filled with fresh and clean water and the other bucket properly filled with car wash shampoo solution. Dip the washing mitt in the soap solution to wash the car first and then dip the dirty mitt in other bucket of clean water vigorously for rinsing away the mitt properly. Using dual bucket system eliminates virtually the chances of transferring dirt, soil and small particles back to the paint.

Grit guard 5-gallon washing method with a quality dolly is really an ultimate car cleaning kit which includes:

  • Gallon Grit Guard bucket
  • Knee Pad
  • Dolly

This car wash system is convenient and ideal for all segment car and vehicle wash which also includes heavy vehicles. This car wash system is specifically designed for preventing swirl marks and heavy scratches while washing process. Al thanks to the four-quadrant design of Grit Guard insert which helps in keeping mitt away from the contaminants and dirt it acts as the washboard. This dual bucket system is available to you in package which brings quality to the car wash process and ensures complete cleanliness. The Grit guard insert perfectly fits at the bottom of wash bucket and strictly separates the grit from wash mitt.


  • Significantly reduces the chances of swirls and scratch marks.
  • Removes dirt and debris from wash mitts
  • Helps to keep wash solution remain clean for longer.
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