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Clay performs a decontaminating action on the bodywork. “MA-FRA CLAY” is ideal for varnished or chrome surfaces. “MA-FRA Clay” frees any varnished surface of industrial pollution, traffic film, guano residue, insects, resin, ferrous residuals, brake lining traces on alloy rims, and cement residues.

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Clay bar for automobile is basically an engineered resin mixture which detailers uses as exterior car care detailing product to remove the contaminants from car’s surfaces like fiberglass, paint, metal and glass. This detailing clay can be natural or even synthetic. Clay bar treatment is detailing process of professionally using a Clay Dark Professional Car Detailing for removing pollutants without harming the vehicle surface. Common contaminants which slowly harm the surface of vehicle are:

  • DIRT
  • DUST
  • MUD

Mafra clay removes all the contaminants that washing can’t mainly pollutants like embedded metal grains, airborne environmental deposits, tree sap and other. Using this clay bar is safe as it is just firm enough to remove sticky bad stuff without being enough aggressive. Use clay dark professional car detailing for getting rid of harmful grimes and even correct the paint for waxing. No matter how dirty your car is, clay is the ultimate solution when it comes to deep cleaning of surface. it takes out dirt and soil from the layer of factory paint and prepares the surface for further treatment like car polishing and car coating..

Features of Ma-Fra Clay:

  • Easy to use
  • Can remove all sorts of blot like grease, rust and even overspray.
  • Make your car clearer and cleaner.
  • It can be used on any part of vehicle like mirror, windows, metal surface and other.

Detailing Tips for Using Clay Bar:

  • Before using the clay bar, properly wash the vehicle surface. As water left on the surface will act as lubricant for smooth movement of clay bar.
  • For removing deposits, simply move the clay bar over the surface in proper direction. Be sure to frequently knead the clay bar to expose the fresh clay.

Since the usage of clay bar is enough effective that it takes off the wax even. So plan on to apply car wax after claying the surface with clay dark professional car detailing.

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