Bus Wash


Heavywash Kube

heavywash kube

Heavywash Kube

ISTOBAL introduces KUBE, the first model of the new series of cleaning equipment for commercial vehicles

Heavywash Progress

heavywash progress

Heavywash Progress

PROGRESS is available in 4 different heights, 2 widths and flexible bay length, to adapt to the specific

Drive Through

drive through

Drive Through

4HWD300 is the compact model of the new wash series for bus fleets, HEAVYWASH DRIVE THROUGH,

Bus Washing Systems:

Bus wash system even has variable approaches for buses. It drives through systems which provide proven cleaning technology and design flexibility. The advanced design of bus wash machine is designed to clean efficiently and effectively. Adaptable, compact, effective, and simple to use, the Manmachine Works framework is the perfect answer for saving time and cash when washing the buses and other large vehicles. Bus washing is basic, and above all, quite easy to use.

Advanced Bus Cleaning Systems:

Manmachine bus wash machine is amazing and unique as it has various advanced features fitting plenty of benefits and requirements. Using a simple design and layout, this system better protects the bus from any sort of damage caused during washing. It is better method to use for cleaning even the hardest corner and even prevent damage from friction.

The Manmachine Works bus wash system helps in protecting the environment with efficiency. Proper use of innovation and technology, this system uses less water, power, and washing chemicals than any other traditional bus wash systems prevailing in the market today. With this washing system, you can keep buses entirely clean and is the best solution that you are in search of.  If you are searching for effective solution for your bus wash need, Manmachine Works is the perfect destination. Contact us today!

Heavywash Kube: Automatic Bus Wash Machine

HW’KUBE model of automatic car wash is versatile and compact. It is best suited for cleaning commercial vehicles like:

  • Trailer trucks
  • Lorries
  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Vans
  • And heavy vehicles

Design of Heavywash Kube Bus Wash Equipment:

  • This efficient automatic bus wash machine has a robust cubic structure professionally crafted of hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Its side columns comprise of an embedded shampoo-dosing system and also frequency converters for speed control and rollover.
  • The two brush pressure levels adapt automatically depending on vehicle type and segment of car that needs thorough cleaning.
  • Service lines to rollover can be easily run over energy chain, a static/ swinging post, loop connection and a machine for holding two variable water types.

Features Heavywash Kube:

  • External command post
  • Horizontal brush
  • Drive-through underchassis wash
  • Lower side high pressure
  • Manual high pressure
  • Foamy chemical spray


This model of automatic bus wash machine for cleaning commercial vehicle range has highly optimised design and surely incorporates all the innovative developments recently demanded by the automobile professionals. This bush wash equipment is most flexible commercial automobile rollover in car care market and can be best adapted for certain requirements for all segment of heavy vehicles like:

  • Buses
  • Tankers
  • Vans
  • Trailer trucks
  • Trucks
  • Vehicles used construction industry and other.


  • The bus wash equipment consists of robust cubic structure of hot-galvanized steel.
  • This bus wash equipment has self-driven vertical brushes along with overlapping scrub function.
  • Along with it, it consists of dosing pump for shampoo injection with flexible configuration for user up to 15 programs and touch screen control panel.
  • It possesses choice of service connections like loop connections, energy chai, swinging post and fixed.
  • The rollover structure of heavywash progress can be easily customised in total 23 and the brushes in total 4 variant colours



  • Vertical brushes
  • Centring guides
  • Horizontal brush
  • External control panel
  • Demineraliser unit
  • Splash screens for vertical brushes
  • Wax dosing pump
  • Quick drive-through programs
  • Recycler unit