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Train Wash

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Train Wash

Train wash installations are almost custom-made for each type of train. The power the vehicle operates with, its length, and the locomotive’s front are the three basic factors that define the wash area.

Bus Wash

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Bus Wash

Manmachine Works is unique because it has the same advanced features found at most independent automated large vehicle washing locations while easily fitting inside the vehicle storage facilities you already own.

Train Wash System:

Manmachine Works brings you train wash with proper setup consisting quality train washing machine. Train washing machine installations are custom-made almost for each type and segment of train. Length, front and the power which the vehicle operates at are basically three major factors which defines the train wash area. There exist mainly seven variable pre-set train wash programs which provides the base unit that is the requirements for delivering efficient and quality train wash. 

The base unit of modules, other optional add-on features available and surely the wash process, all of these are properly designed to give ultimate flexibility in a way they cater complete flexibility so that they fit the demand and requirement of the clients so as to adapt the requirements of every fleet.  Along with the traditional options and parts of the train washing machine, there is also the facility of underchassis wash with dryer module, brush wash to deliver an ultimate quality of train wash finish.

 Few of the basic features of a train wash machine are:

  • Rinsing posts
  • Access traffic Light
  • Entry detector (photocells barrier)
  • Vertical brushes
  • Exit detector (photocells barrier)
  • Exit traffic light

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