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Know the high pressure washer and why it is essential 

Any machine that makes the work easy, less tenuous, and quick is a worth the use. In any segment, machines help us to reduce the labour part and focus on the important part. The same way, a high pressure washer is one such machine which will produce high pressurised water in order to wash any surface. In the car wash business, there are so many machines available to make the washing part easy. But we have progressed way past the washing with a bucket and mop part. Cars are detailed now! Now, detailing is an art that requires the exact equipment and skill to be performed. 

Top Benefits of the High pressure washer machine for All

Manmachine Works offers only original machines and parts for the purposes of car washing, polishing, detailing. The car washer or pressure washer machine is one of our top selling machines. We offer steam as well as standard pressurised pumps for different types of uses.

  • The Single Phase BC 780- This machine comes with easy wheels on the bottom and can be moved around with much ease. The machine can produce up to 130 bars to wash down 10 cars in a single day. With a 2 litres Detergent tank, the machine is idyllic for small setups, at-home uses, real estate washing, and much more.


  • HRK- Pro- This is one of the most selling models of ours. The success of this machine lies in the industrial 1450 RPM slow throttling motor. Ideal for car washes, cattle sheds, pig farms, chicken farms, even domestic places apart from the ultimate of washing 25-30 cars in a day. This model can generate up to 140 bars with an RPM of 1450.


  • The AR 613- Here’s another single motor machine that is making headway in the car washing business and domestic as well. This machine can be carried around with ease and be used at home as well. The fast-cleaning mode, ergonomic design, low power consumption, low maintenance cost, and simple operating system are some of its distinguishing characteristics. Developed by skilled professionals, this car washing equipment has been verified on the basis of its performance level, functional life, and washing method.

In the car detailing industry, one can find many models of many machines that can replace each other. The main goal is to use one such machine is robotic, has a good sustainability, and has promising features. 


The pump or pressure washer machines help in washing, shampooing, and rinsing various surfaces including the cars. With a good maintenance plan by Manmachine Works, your machines will stand by you for the longest period of time.

Do you know facts about Car wash equipment and successful car wash business?

Car wash and detailing business is booming at unbeatable speed in the Indian market. This car wash business handles all the segment of car cleaning, polishing, rubbing, detailing, vacuuming and exterior waxing. The two most essential base of a successful car wash business is the proper location for starting the business setup and the other one is the usage of updated car wash equipment. Apart from these both, other factors affecting the car wash business are a selection of manpower, target audience and the marketing strategies you are using. The better the cleaning method and car wash equipment, the more we step ahead towards clean India. Starting a car wash business is not just a task but you need to consider many factors in terms of physical, mental and environmental.

Register your business of car wash in your state and this can be done by contacting the clerk office. Enquire about the permits and licenses needs to get any unique zoning essentials. Get a suitable location and form your car wash setup and just for a piece of advice always prefer to get your setup in a heavy traffic area. Your car wash setup should have enough space for washing bay, a collection of car wash machine that includes car washing pump, vacuum cleaner, and a steam machine.   

Always care for car wash equipment when starting a car wash business:

Stock your work site with all compulsory equipment and car wash chemicals that form the base of car wash business. Apart from this never get out of stock of certain accessories like car wash shampoo, hoses, brushes, microfiber, and other cleaning supplies. Being into business means it’s your ethics to never say no related to car service due to the absence of products and related car wash machine.

Once you have maintained a good stock of above-described car wash products, comes hiring quality manpower. Always prefer to hire teenagers with few years of experience as doing this will help you in saving manpower cost. After hiring, you will have to give a proper training session to them. Done with maintenance car wash equipment and hiring manpower, comes the turn of marketing. Market your car wash service to your target audience either using traditional method or digital method. Place the better and large signage in front of the car wash bay so that any passer-by can notice your outlet and get their car washed. Along with it, you can use newspaper and other local circulars for promotional purpose.


Caring Car wash equipment:

Likewise, every machinery, car wash equipment does have their life expectancy and need proper care. If any of your equipment is not working and is having any technical issue, you can ask for repair if it is indicating repair warning. Make repair of car wash machine correct and accurate especially to extend the life expectancy of the conveyor.

Repairing the car wash equipment is a big part of every wash business. Every single piece of equipment had something common as well as, certain unique USPs and remedies. This blog from Manmachine works brings down things to notice to prevent injuries at the car wash outlet.

Below are tips related to repairing process of conveyor used at car wash bays:

  • Without any exception, any staff working around the conveyor should first exercise the steps defined in the tag-out manual. All the energy sources should be disengaged before the repairing of machine starts. Remember, one thing considered is air pressure. Even keep in mind. That this step applies to equipment investigating stage even when the issue is first detected.
  • With the help of trained professionals, the critical task turns easy and then they help in safely completing the repair work. This comprises of what might be considered as mirror error like chain tightening or fixing the roller jams.
  • Employees are asked to use the proper protective equipment while carrying the car wash equipment repair. This is mainly important if grinders usage or torches turn important. These tools are used to remove stubborn steel bearings is just an example.
  • Having proper dressing is one of the other considerations while working over the conveyor which is essential car wash equipment. You should ensure that employees don’t wear any loose clothing or jewelry and are given proper footwear on the name of security.
  • Using the appropriate tools for the task will not only assure you of the best repair outcome but even brings down the safety of the employee. Along with safety concept, ensure that all car wash tools are counted once done with repairing of the conveyor. If they are left at the wrong place, it can turn out to be a lethal projectile.
  • Although not all equipment repairs need a team, using a team concept on repair is the best precautionary idea. You never know of when accidents can occur, so if you are having a team, you can be aided with first aid as soon as possible.

Performing safe regular maintenance and repair is important to step to add life and durability to any car wash machine just like an above-mentioned conveyor. A better version of car wash exceeds to car detailing which is more full-fledged and skill-based form. Customers are more convinced and attracted as they help in maintaining the beauty of the car by using various other processes like waxing, polishing, and car coating. running nay segment of car wash either dealing with car wash equipment or opening outlets for services, every segment has its own challenges. Running any business includes normal licensing, proper marketing and budget maintenance task.

No matter how good quality products, chemical, and equipment are used in your business, accidents can breakdown after vigorous usage. So, take care of your equipment because your car wash business directly depends on the proper working of machinery. To take care of your machinery or any assistance regarding any car wash equipment, do write in the comment box. For more option dial 93-133-57889.