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Airport Sweepers & Runway Machines

Swingo 200+

The Swingo 200+ is an efficient, flexible and convenient compact sweeper for public areas and the city centre.

Cleango 500

The Cleango 500 offers the holding capacity of a large mounted sweeper with an approx.

Wasa 300+

Designed for tractors and UNIMOG, the Wasa 300+ is used to clean streets in small towns and communities.

Senior 2000

With its intake capacity of up to a ton of sand, rubble or other debris per minute,

SK 600

The truck mounted SK 600 sweeper has a 6.0 m³ hopper and is specially designed for cleaning traffic areas.

AS 990

Safety at the airport is top priority. The high-speed sweeper AS 990 cleans all service and traffic areas.

SK 660

The new Schmidt Street King 660 stands out with enhanced performance, maximum efficiency and an innovative operating concept.

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