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Powerful & Effortless High Pressure Cleaner Accessories
  • The system comprises of machines that are placed in a machine room with hoses stretching out of it through stainless steel pipes directly to the boom.
  • The arrangement leads to no possibility of hoses being laid on the floor as large area of washing is done with the help of Boom Technology.
  • Special rubber coated hoses stay immune to punctures and don’t leave any mark or scratches on the car.
  • Saves time with a quick connect system provided on lances, guns and foam bottle.
  • Saves water and electricity with plunger pump technology. No maintenance with a total stop system after 20 secs. of release of trigger. 3kw power produces 140 bar pressure.
  • Provides better car quality, takes less man hours and the usage of foam bottle gives faster coverage.
  • Fast and consistent working and zero breakdowns due to parking accessories for all the attachments.

Foam Bottle

foam bottle
  • Sleek & smooth modern design
  • Sight window indicates level of soap remaining
  • Refillable bottle reduces environmental waste
  • Vented large screw cap for easy refilling
  • Comes with a QUICK CONNECT for easy attachment
  • Spray pattern easily adjustable

Quick Connect System

quick connect system
  • Without threads that may bind or only partially connect
  • Automatic locking system facilitates faster access
  • Suitable for confined areas
  • Non-drip interface
  • Minimizes unexpected downtime
  • Standard with Manmachine pumps

Rotating Boom

rotating boom
  • Swivelling adapter with side and top water inlet for easy installation
  • 360° /180° continuous rotation for the car wash
  • Insulated high pressure hose
  • Hose guard with integrated tension release feature
  • Extremely durable
  • Improves the maintenance of pumps and pressure hose

Underbody Lance

underbody lance
  • A right angle wash that helps clean difficult-to-reach areas
  • Easily removes mud and debris from the underbody
  • Underbody wash without gantry/lift
  • Avoids tyres alignment and balancing problem
  • Made with high grade stainless steel for long life
  • Task is done in less than 3 mins.

Storage Tray

storage tray

Foam Bottle Holder

foam bottle holder

Lance Holder

Lance Holder